Regional Advisory Board

Organized by the Regional Coordinator, the Greater Northwest Regional Advisory Board is composed of advisers, alumnae/i, and regional officers who serve in an advisory capacity to assist the coordinator with regional business and planning. The tasks of the Regional Advisory Board include (but are not limited to) revising the regional constitution, bylaws, and awards procedures; planning regional events; offering guidance to regional officers; and promoting Phi Theta Kappa within the region.

As per our Region's Constitution, Article III:

Section 4: Regional Coordinator Advisory Board.
Part A: The purpose of the Regional Coordinator Advisory Board is to support the Regional Coordinator by performing tasks as assigned by the Regional Coordinator and to advise the Regional Coordinator and the Executive Board.

Part B: Members of the Regional Coordinator Advisory Board shall be the Regional Coordinator, a minimum of three Chapter Advisors, the Executive Board, and one Alumni Member.

Part C: The Regional Coordinator may recommend candidates and shall oversee the election of a Coordinator Advisory Committee, explain the responsibilities of the committee, and serve as a member. This election may be held at any Advisor’s meeting.

Part D: The term for Advisors shall be two years, to provide opportunity for others to serve the Region, and may be renewed.

Part E: The term for an Alumni Member shall be one year, to provide opportunity for others to serve the Region, and may be renewed.

Part F: The Chapter Advisor or Alumni Member may be removed from the Board by the Regional Coordinator taking into consideration recommendationsfrom the Coordinator Advisory Board.

In attempt to have a Chapter Advisor from each district, current Advisory Board Members include:
Michaelann Allen, North Seattle College
Barbara Whitney, Big Bend Community College
Kelly Nolan, North Idaho College
Steve Kearns, Alum

If you are a Chapter Advisor and would like to serve on the Advisory Board in a formal capacity, please contact Regional Coordinator, Tomas Ramos or Associate Coordinator Michaelann Allen

Contact Us

Regional Coordinator: Dr. Tomas Ramos
Associate Regional Coordinator: Dr. Theresa Ramos

Greater Northwest Regional Officers:

President: Scott Nelson
District I Vice President: Veronica Carpenter
District I Co-Vice President: Cameron Mings
District II Vice President: Leroy Rowe
District III Vice President: Kara Roadruck
District V - Vice President Ezra Llewellyn


HQ Support

Membership Services Specialist, Division IV
Keondrick Brown

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