If you are considering stepping up your leadership, have a desire to serve on our team. Please apply by completing the Regional Officer Application. We look forward to your interest!

Regional Officer Application


The Regional Leadership team is made up of one President and a Vice President for each of the five districts within the Greater Northwest Region. Officers are inducted at the Summer Regional Conference. Please click on each position to learn about your elected officers.

Think about serving as a Regional Officer! Think about it! Talk about it! Ask questions! It's a great leadership opportunity! You'll experience Phi Theta Kappa in a way very few do!

Want to request a Regional Officer to attend your chapter Induction or provide training? Email the specific regional officer you are requesting in addition to the Regional Coordinator. In your request, be sure to include in what capacity you would like the Regional Officer to serve, the prospective date, time, and location, and your contact information. The region pays for the travel cost to visit your chapters. Lodging and meals are to be provided if applicable.

Regional Officers

Yuliya Dominguez Yuliya Dominguez

District 1 - Regional Officer

Cameron Mings Cameron Mings

District 1 - Regional Officer

Diessa Johnson-Scott Diessa Johnson-Scott

District 2 - Regional Officer

Anna White Anna White

District 3 - Regional Officer

Rigel Raju Rigel Raju

District 5 - Regional Officer

Regional Coordinator

Brenda Gee

Brenda Gee

Regional Coordinator
SAIT Polytechnic
Calgary Campus
Beta Sigma Tau Chapter
Contact Brenda