PTK Student Story Telling Series

Dear Greater NW Region PTK Chapter Advisors,

I’m happy to share good news with you! Our region has received a $5000 grant for the 2019-2020 academic year to engage students with the Honors In Action program at the regional level. Here are the details from the grant submission, and the process for students to apply to be a PTK Student Storyteller will be shared this summer.

PTK Student Storytelling Series
10 students + 10 elders/mentors/subject-matter experts
$250 honorarium per storyteller (20 X $250=$5000)

I AM PTK Storytelling Sessions is a project envisioned to center student voices, to foster cross-cultural learning opportunities, and to utilize the power of the Honors in Action program to engage regional members and mentors.

PTK members from the Greater NW Region will apply to serve as a PTK Storyteller, and will engage the guidance of an elder, mentor, and/or subject-matter expert. Up to 10 student/mentor partners will be selected to engage in a semi-structured collaborative project, based on one of the eight HIA themes as a way to anchor their stories. The storytelling pair will design a way to share a story of their identity, culture, life experiences, beliefs, etc. in a way that gives them full agency and consent to what is revealed and how it is presented. Priority will be given to stories that center voices of students who identify with one or more historically-marginalized identity groups. Applications will be due in late October 2019, and selected students will engage with mentors to design a story-telling session to be presented at the 2020 PTK Greater NW Spring Conference in March.

Cross-cultural learning happens when both cognitive and affective domains are engaged. Stories shared in the I AM PTK Storytelling Sessions will encourage our regional members, advisors, and alumni to both think AND feel. The learning outcomes for those experiencing the student stories will be able to:

1) Name and describe at least one thing they learned that they did not know before.

2) Name and describe an emotion they felt as they experienced the story

3) Name and describe one change/action they can make based on what they think and feel