Regional Alumni Scholarship

Submit all questions and essay to Michaelann Allen and Michelle Brownlee.

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Greater Northwest Regional Alumni Scholarship
Student Application

The Greater Northwest Regional Alumni Scholarship is open to students who are currently incarcerated or in transition and are taking courses from a community or technical college. They must meet the eligibility requirements of their chapter in terms of required GPA and college-level credit completion. The chapter advisor must also provide a letter of recommendation nominating the student. This scholarship covers membership fees. The participating chapter must waive their chapter fee. The regional fee will also be waived.

In addition to a letter of recommendation from your chapter advisor, please respond to the following questions.

1. What do you hope to gain by membership in Phi Theta Kappa?

2. Why should you receive this scholarship?

3. Write a short description about yourself and your planned area of study.

4. Choose one theme from the current Honors Study Topic (if the student does not have access to this online, then the chapter advisor must provide a copy) and write a one-page response to the question in that theme.

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Regional Coordinator: Brenda Gee

Greater Northwest Regional Officers:

Matthew Rounsley – President
Yuliya Dominguez – District 1 Regional Officer
Cameron Mings – District 1 Regional Officer
Diessa Johnson-Scott – District 2 Regional Officer
Anna White – District 3 Regional Officer
Rigel Raju – District 5 Regional Officer

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Membership Services Specialist, Division IV
Erica Bold

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