Regional Speech Competition Rules

The first ever regional speech competition will be hosted on Saturday March the 2nd. In order to compete, Students must register for the conference by Friday February the 22nd by 5 p.m. Pacific Time. The first place in each of two categories will advance to compete at the Catalyst Conference in Orlando, Florida on March 4th through 6th. In order to compete at Catalyst, students must first compete at the regional level. The winner of the Persuasive round will receive a stipend payable to his/her chapter for the cost of the conference registration not to exceed $395.00 The second place will receive a check for $100.00 and the third place $50.00 These will also be payable to their home chapter. The same criteria will apply to the extemporaneous speech round.

For those of you who are interested in competing in the persuasive speech competition, the rubric will have the following items that speakers will be graded upon by three judges:


1. Introduction (Shouldn't begin the presentation by saying the topic of my speech)
2. Conclusion (Shouldn't end with that is it)
3. Dress Code (business-like attire)
4. Use two visual aids , but no power point or images on the screen. Speakers will have to bring two items they are confident they can use and that complements their presentation.
5. Speakers should quote a minimum of three sources during their speech.
6. 5 to 7 minutes is the length requirement. No less and no more. If you speak less, there will be a penalty, speakers will not be allowed to speak for longer than 7 minutes.
7. Eye contact
8. Voice and diction will be considered
9. Nonverbal communication (mannerisms) will be considered.

These will be posted in the January Newsletter. The speech competition will be hosted in front of the membership during the spring regional conference.

The extemporaneous (Impromptu persuasive) round will offer the speakers an option of 3 topics to select from. Students will have 15 minutes to prepare a 3 to 4-minute presentation. 3 judges will grade the speakers in the following categories:

1. Introduction
2. Conclusion
3. Dress Code
4. Eye contact
5. Voice and diction
6. Nonverbal communication (mannerisms)
7. The topics may range from A.) Why is it important to volunteer? B.) Is it best to major in humanities or sciences? C.) What kind of leadership do we need in society today? These three topics are only ideas that reflect subjects that may be proposed. However, the topics may and will vary. It is highly recommended that students competing in this round review trending topics in the media for the week preceding the competition.

For questions and additional clarification, please contact the regional team at